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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A sudden Feeling!!! Keeps coming & Going!!!!

What if on a random morning you have a feeling that you are not being yourself???!!!! You are in a cocoon which is invisible to every damn person except you...Rather you were ignorant towards it too...It is only this morning that you realized that there is another "you"..somebody who used to exist long back openly but now is just a silent resident in your subconscious mind...somebody who used to be a free spirit, not bound by anything in this world but just by herself..somebody remotely connected to you...who doesn't show up so easily but when it does it just shakes you and your world..
It brings with it memories lost long back, a judgement about the present...and puts a huge question mark on your "till now most probable and well planned " future...What about that?? How will you deal with it..? Confusion is what it creates and turbulence is what it adds to mind...
Feelings are feelings yaar!!! The most involuntary characteristic of human emotions...That's what it is..nothing to be blamed and no one to be blamed for..If this day passes by then again tomorrow is a new day..rather a new morning carrying signature of the same regular life..waiting for yet another day with a new realization...

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