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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Expectations!!!!Killers are they??!!

Try guessing your biggest enemy!!! Name a few (or many, depends on how bad you have been)..Is it someone who stole your first crush? A "once upon a time" friend who did some back stabbing and created a huge distance...or a classmate who somehow unfortunately managed to score more than you and pushed you down in the number game, or snatched away the prestigious glory  of being numero uno iat your workplace..and bla bla bla...But no..these are much trivial than the actual culprit...who again hides perfectly to be free of all accusations but peeps in every now and is synonymous with our very existence..It is the "just can't help it wala feeling" of ours that is the sole enemey of our lives..the sole reason for all that complicates human minds and thus lives...The great "EXPECTATION" ...Yes, a deep thought, on the couch, with a jumbo mug of coffee and a pinch of loneliness would make you realize this agony...It is this expectation which comes into any relationship that you possess, unknowingly.. While you think that things are all going fine & let things flow without any constraints, the biggest constraint ever, expectations, have already obtained its foothold in the mind and growing faster than you can think of...Either you are happy (expectations met) or you are damn hurt (expectations not met)!!! Some people do understand our expectations and some are not even aware of them....and the story continues for every little relation we hold close to our heart!!!
Just give a thought!!! We are all in a rat race 24*7 in our individual domains..but this deserves a thought.. May be you will understand many things better which you ignored in the past...May be you reunite with people you got rid of for some silly reason...This deserves a thought..
Concluding I would just like to say that if any person can eliminate all expectations from someone, he deserves the prize of highest honor across the globe....

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