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Saturday, 23 May 2015

whatever happens, happens for good!!!! Trust me...

This one is for a good friend!!! A short message:)
Things happen in life.To be precise, bad things do happen in life..we think, think and think...think harder..try to figure out the hidden significance behind it..try even harder to reason with it...but at the end of it what we get is no answer at all...what we realize is we wasted our present in thinking about something which we have no control over..Do involuntary happenings deserve so much of our time, energy and thinking???!!! Is it always necessary to find meanings in every shit thing that occur?..Does it actually work that way?..

Its an absolute "NO NO"...when we take so much of time to do shallow things like getting ready even for a "damn unimportant get together party", then how on earth we can even expect that we would know the significance of these important happenings of life ASAP?!! Its already scripted! so the time we know the reason WHY? is also pre-dicided and believe me it will come only after tasting your patience to the fullest..Not everything is easy..If it is, then what is the fun of life?!

A Mantra for enjoying life: Just go with the flow of life..Don't think why it happened? Just think that it happened for some good reason..some reason that would knock your door one fine morning and wake you up delighted, when you would have just decided to give up on reasoning with it...Till then just remember- "Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts" & "Whatever happens, happens for GOOD"...

Be Blessed!!!