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Thursday, 4 June 2015

A trip meant for bonding!!!!a lot more..

A deep thought while sitting on the couch, with a jumbo mug of coffee and a pinch of loneliness, sometimes evoke realizations that were hibernating for so long. And the irony is that they were hibernating in our subconscious mind, an integral part of us only. May be these realizations pop up now and then, but they are too subtle to be heard; too tiny to deserve any attention by us. In this battle of "our oblivion towards them versus their urge for getting recognition" they easily get knocked out. They dive deep into that dark unexplored zone of our subconscious mind, only to surface once again. But their constant efforts, that secretly increases by leaps and bounds, sometime do win and we give in. Thank God, we give in. It is this defeat, that often gifts us with the most memorable and precious moments of our lives. It is due to this defeat, that the realizations get converted into actions and we are the winners!

Life is a typical rat race, an ecstatic journey! But have we ever thought that the major chunk of it is dedicated to fulfill our career oriented aspirations and for literally running and slogging for getting what we crave for? Not stopping for anything, not for anyone. This is how we look at it right now. Well, life demands this sort of an attitude nowadays. In the spare time, if we get any, we do certain things to relax, if we are not busy taking care of our sleep deprivation!! If we take a close look at our so very well maintained priority list where is that "item number" representing "having quality time with friends" or "taking a break with our closed ones who are not close by"?  It somehow manages to show up on the list at the fag end of it, but almost completely unnoticed. Those "very rare" lonely face-offs with ourselves, are the time that we realize that it even exists in our list. Memories and more memories are what follow and it pushes us hard to feel the urge for spending time with them all over again; they, who are just left ignored on the way to our dreams.

But if we purposely take out time to be with them, to spend that "well deserved" quality time, as if we don't spend now we would never get another chance to be with them, does it cost a lot? Why do we have to see a lavish, larger than life movie "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" to comprehend that? A long awaited & deserving break with friends and closed ones has it all to give life its true meaning. A short trip with an essence of reunion may reignite those bonds that were integral part of our daily life sometime back. Sometimes a short trip with our friends and family is what we need to augment those emotional connections once again, to feel human like and not like a robot anymore, to feel that life is not just daily a struggle for existence but a celebration; having our family and friends around, life is indeed a celebration. A trip meant for bonding and a lot more. A trip of rediscovering not only ourselves but our ties with those people who don't even complain to us of being forgotten. Starting from fighting for the window seat of the car to being adamant not to be pushed to the awesomely suffocating back seat; from sleeping unconsciously on each others' "as strong as ever shoulders" to ordering all types of food possible (as if this is our last meal on earth); from giggling over each others' funny food habits to returning back with grumpy faces, teary eyes but still putting up a smile as "if everything is just fine"- these are enough for us to have a change of heart. It is these that testify our real self and the true purpose of our life and reshuffles the priority list completely.

The unseen strings of attachment and bonding re-appears without even knowing. The very realization that "these are the moments that are food for life and we need to hold on to them", is what gets engraved on our soul forever. The rat race will not stop for us if we fall out, but friends would. And it is these little get-togethers, occasional trips, meet ups that give it "the well deserved" boost! It gives us the heavenly pleasure of stealing some moments for ourselves from this ruthless marathon called life.

We are all in one team, a team of affectionate, attached and bonded people who just forget to live while catching up with the speed of life; who are as hungry for love as ever but that gets hidden beneath the peer pressure of proving oneself. But realizations strike us hard occasionally and we run towards our beloved and grab them. And we know that they were always there silently waiting for us to express. This doesn't need to be told to the world but to be silently accepted by ourselves.
Till we again take out time from our busy life for ourselves, the moments need to stay very close to the heart! The realizations need to hold on to us and keep on fighting to knock us down all over again!

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