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Sunday, 14 June 2015


He said " I am afraid that I have dreams to achieve, but not you,
                I have miles to go but not with you,
                I have feelings for you, but not that strong to pursue,
                I want to stretch my hands to the new, but not to hold you."
She said "You may have 1000's other options, but I have only you,
                 I have the rest of my life but only to wait for you."

10 years have passed. Time has evolved and so has situation.
He was sitting by her side, silently touching her face with his warm finger tips and caressing her "ever so beautiful pitch black hair".

He whispered " I wish I could travel back in time,
                          I wish I could undo my life,
                          I wish I would have felt then what I am feeling now,
                          I wish I would have stretched my arms, only to hold you,
                          That 10 years I have spent only fighting my fears,
                          That I have come back but only to see you in tears"
She said nothing. She could say nothing. But she listened to his words that she yearned to hear for so long, as tears rolled down her pale cheeks.

But she could say nothing. She was busy taking her few last breaths.

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