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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A cup of coffee...

I am sure the question in your mind right now is "Why a cup of coffee makes it to the title, of all things? Whats there in it...a cup full of hot milk, a tablespoon of coffee powder and two cubes of sugar!!! The last thing a thoughtful, emotionally driven, fantasizing writer would write about?!"..
OOPS!!! Hold on...What if its an amalgamation of a cup of coffee with a mug of ideas, a de-stresser couch, a pinch of positivity and an enthusiast, a dynamo, a "mover and shaker". It's not a regular cup of coffee anymore.. It's not the regular CCD "Devil's Own with chocolate sauce" anymore...It's at odds with the routine "chitchat cum gossip" wala sessions over coffee...
Yes..for the first time you may actually feel "a lot can happen over coffee" CCD tags it correctly..
It can open a "Pandora's box" for just need to grab and absorb the right things out of it..
It can translate an arduous dream into a "piece of cake" just need to fathom the possibilities and take a chance..
Yes.. it has the power of proving to be a game changer when you look at it at a later point in your life, when you connect the dots but only after all the dots pop up..

it was "a cup of coffee" for me..For you it can be anything..a walk at the lonely riverside, a tour at the art museum, that beggar at the roadside, a "Rang De Basanti" movie..anything...What it needs is your comprehension...
Take your time...but till the right alert! You will find it out for sure!! You will find out the "Real You"...


  1. nice one...........
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    1. Hi...thanks for the comment..I will surely go through yours..I wanted to join caferati..could you help?

  2. The writing would be good if you could avoid typos, mobile lingo, etc.
    Keep writing :)