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Thursday, 15 October 2015


It's time! It's time for Ma Durga's homecoming and so is the time for Bengalis settled across various parts of the globe to gear up to show to the world their traditional paglu genes. It's time again for the crazy rush in ticket booking agencies for the last minute tatkaal tickets to Calcutta, oops Kolkata and each train from different parts of India directed to Bengal literally getting converted to "Bengal Express". It's time again for the trained salesmen to tackle the overwhelmingly untrained crowd at every famous or not-so-famous shopping mall, for the Bengali or even non-Bengali boyfriends and hubbies to stand for long hours outside the trial room for nodding a yes or a no to their Bengali partners' dresses. And most importantly it's time again for the doting yet super adorable Bengali moms to shower their love on their children in the form of cooking all possible delectable and lip-smacking food; trust me they are truly responsible for all those extra kilos of ours and not our greed! After all our all "being on diet and controlling" wala hormones succumb when you are presented with so many varieties of tempting food..Not at all our fault..As the countdown for the most awaited celebration in Bengal to start, slowly reaches its fag end, Kolkata as well as its people get ready for the transformation worth remembering. But unfortunately it's time again for the residents of a trivial yet noteworthy part of Kolkata to feel secluded, neglected and insignificant beings. The city of joy clad in blinding scintillating lights, embellished with deafening cacophony and blessings of Durga Ma along with her cohorts somewhere fail to do justice to everyone living there. Somewhere it draws a prominent border beyond which the glitter and the joy of the city's festivity does not reach. The border clearly divides the place between the privileged and the non-privileged ones. Where on one front the rich, upper middle-class and the lower middle-class as well as the poor have their share of celebrations dictated naturally by their economic freedom, the other part of the border restricts their inmates from inclusion into the former not due to economic conditions but their profession and sins. Yes they are the inmates of brothels, the prostitutes who are man-made entities. They are being used by the so called gentlemen constituting the upper and middle strata of the fake and frivolous society(residing on the privileged side of the border) for their uncontrollable sexual desires and then are thrown away by paying back a nominal amount. And wow they think that is all they deserve. For god sake it's high time that people recognized the very fact that they are human beings whom these filthy people have given birth too and not criminals. Then why

should they be deleted from these celebrations related to Durga Ma and other deities. She doesn't discriminate between anyone?! Rather she refuses to be created by man (idol making) without a handful of soil being BEGGED from the prostitutes of nishidhho pallis (forbidden teritorries) of Shonagachi, Asia's largest red-light area. Now it's up to you to decide the reason behind this: whether the soil is auspicious as it carries the piety and virtue left while men entering the brothel or it's Durga Ma's conspiracy to teach us to include them too in her worship.

It's time for men to be men and for women to not only shout out loud with slogans of feminism but be a feminist!!!