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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Gift of Love.

"Ferrero Rocher, the bigger box", Raj replied to the shopkeeper.
Shopkeeper: Sure sir. I will get that for you.
Within seconds she got him a box of the most delectable form of hazelnuts. 
Raj: Please get this gift wrapped. I will be back in a minute.
Shopkeeper: Sir, the next shop is closed. You will get the similar flowers on the opposite lane.
Raj: Oh I see. Thank you! Don't forget the red ribbon around the gift! 
Shopkeeper: Absolutely not sir, not even the "Megha" in-scripted gift card.
Raj smiled and left for the flower shop. 
Like every other month, Raj was there in her shop to get the gift. It was either chocolates, coffee mugs, Parker pensor some other stuff that generally girls adore. Every time she not only tried to guess the probable occasion he used to gear up for every month, but also the role of "Megha" in his life. Her common perception of relationships has let her conclude that she was her girlfriend and he used to celebrate their "first meet" or "first kiss" or some other anniversary every month. But before her endeavor with the meandering thoughts could come to the inference stage, Raj came back as usual. And the beautiful sunflowers held by him were eagerly waiting to reach their destination.
Shopkeeper: Here is your packet! You need to pay Rs. 555.
He hurriedly took the gift and the balance was left with her. She managed to catch a glimpse of him smiling at the gift held in his hand, while leaving. She started thinking from where she stopped.
He drove his car and within fifteen minutes reached the car parking area of his complex. Just before getting out of the car, he took the chocolate box clad in a printed gift wrapping paper and wrote on the gift card after the word Megha, "my sexy wife, let PERIODS make you cranky but the chocolates, and flowers along with my love will work wonders. Love you!"
This surely didn't cross the shopkeeper's mind till now.

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