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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Who are you????

It was Friday evening, she was on her way to home, a bit late though for her obvious reasons. But still she would be on time at home, as that was what people at her home knew her office used to get closed at. Intelligent or more appropriately, clever girl. The adjective "clever" has a negative connotation that gives a clear indication about the intentions of the person concerned though. As she took a turn into the bylane leading to the bus stand, she heard the footsteps behind her which dwindled to inaudible sounds within five minutes. May be someone random was walking down the lane who took the left turn that she crossed by. But she heard them again that forced her to glance over her shoulders every four steps. Her heartbeat raised to a level where it could even burst out! The increasing sounds clearly indicated that the person was coming closer and closer to her. She finally gathered the left over courage to confront with the follower and turned around. OOPS!! power cut and nothing clearly was visible. She could only see a hazy image of a tall, well-built guy with a hat and an over-coat, similar to suspicious characters in her favorite Sherlock Holmes series. 
She: What are you up to? Why the hell are you following me?
Guy: Why do you think I am following you?
She: (outrageously but scared) Do not ask questions instead of answering me. It is clear that you have been following me past last three blocks. What do you want?
Guy: So when you have realized it, let me tell you I have been always following you.
She: (Shocked) What? Since when?
Guy: Since you have started cheating on your husband by having an affair with your boss that too just because of getting a bloody promotion at office. Rather, since you have started cheating on both on them. No..I am sorry, even before that.
She: Okay! I see! So Raj has finally hired a spy. Wow..How much money is he giving to you for this shameful act?
Guy: I don't need anybody to hire me lady. It's not your husband. He is not even aware of your shameful act of cheating on him yet. And didn't you hear "even before that" phrase???
She: What do you mean?
Guy: I have been following since you have been taking money from your poor mother for false reasons only to have fun with your friends; and she was working as a maid to give you the basic educational needs.

She: How do you know all these things? What do you mean by that you are not hired by anyone? Is this your way to blackmail random people?
Guy: I know you might be thinking I am a part of some secret gang of blackmailers but I am not. 
She: Then who are you?
Guy: I am KARMA! I saw you doing everything bad and good. But remember "what goes around, comes around." 
The power was resumed and there was nobody. She was scared till death and couldn't move an inch for almost five minutes. 

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