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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Role Reversal!!

It was Diya who popped the question to Mia on SU's behalf. Since then, it has been a long journey for her. Whether it was convincing Mia about starting her life afresh with SU or removing the mental blockages of her immediate family, Diya was managing all single-handedly. Like always she came out winning and again proved the saying "where there is a will, there is a way".
Finally the D-day has arrived; the day she longed for since she started looking at life in a way, very different from most of us. She put her heart and soul to make this day as grand and special as possible for Mia. Starting from teaming up the red Banarasi saree with Mia's favorite P.C.Chandra jewelry, to finalizing on the city's best wedding hall, caterer, decorators, shehnaiwala and bridal makeup artist, she was all knee-deep in the arrangements. After all it was Mia's wedding; Mia, the apple of her eye. Mia, whose determination, love and silent sacrifices paved the way towards Diya carving her own niche. Diya is a successful girl today- a scientist, a passionate writer and an occasional designer. Every facet of her has Mia's contributions.
The wedding hall was flooded with dazzling lights and beautiful flower decorations. The sublime sounds of shehnai sanctified the occasion as well as the hearts of people gathered for the auspicious occasion. The dining area was ready to cater for the most delicious food. The most coveted ice-cream corner was gearing up to satisfy the crowd's sweet tooth. The mandap at the rooftop had its eyes on witnessing a holy union and giving a name to the match made in heaven. The aroma of happiness and blessings was everywhere.
As Diya was walking towards the dressing room to bring "the woman of the hour" to the mandap, her poem for Mia, scribbled during her schooldays, was ringing in her mind:

                                 There was no place to live called hut
                                 But there was your love-filled heart
                                 There were no clothes to wear
                                 But you had your warmth to share
                                 There were no luxuries to enjoy
                                 But your love gave me joy
                                 There was no god for me
                                 There was just you who stood by me.
"Ma, it's time", said Diya, as she entered the room, that was testimony to Mia's dilemma and other mixed feelings. Mia, as she was lovingly called by her daughter Diya since her chilhood, was looking as beautiful  as any other young bride. She has aged gracefully over the years. Her heart stood still as Diya's arrival made her realize that the moment has come. She walked towards her beloved daughter, the light of her life, and kissed her forehead. Diya's face lit up by her affectionate touch and so did her mother's. But Diya could sense her mother's state of mind in spite of her strong efforts to hide them. She gave Mia a warm hug and she knew it would comfort her.
Diya said, "You look beautiful Mia. Let's go, Shantanu uncle (SU) is waiting eagerly to see his bride."
She smiled and winked at Mia. Diya's words and gestures lightened Mia's mood and it brought a big smile on her face, that still has the power to kill many. She was all set to proceed towards a new beginning with an open heart. 
While the pandit was reading the marriage mantras, Diya looked on with a sense of fulfillment. Yes, she was that rare and privileged daughter to witness her mother's wedding. It was a role reversal for them. The daughter that Mia was always proud to give birth to, gifted her with a second life.

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