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Sunday, 19 August 2018

We are independent. But are they?

Every year when 15th August approaches, words fail me when I see social media getting flooded with those moral outbursts, rather pseudo-moral outbursts laden articles. Get up and be free, come out of the shackles of societal pressures and follow your heart, India is independent but are you? – they all shout out loud. Even the entertainment media, mostly the movie channels showcases their freedom spirit via switching the movie genre to the kind of films like Rang De Bsant, Bhagat Singh, Roja, Lakhshya to name a few.  On top of all these heavy messages, the confusion between being independent and being free comes as the icing on the cake. All these are a nine-day wonder and people live in a cloud-cuckoo-land, for a short while though, thinking they will move mountains, quit their current “caught-up-in-a-wrong-profession” situation and take up their dreams of becoming the second M.F.Hussain or Shahrukh Khan or break-free from a relationship that they have themselves approved of earlier. After a week or so the overpowering feeling of responsibility, regular life intricacies and remaking peace with the normalcy of the ongoing life resumes its power and is dominant enough to kick off the flight of fancy, the “kuch karna hai, kuch badalna hai” wala sudden emotion vaporizes in a blink of an eye.

But what has hit me over a couple of years now is that all these are about our own independence and freedom. Whatever the feeling is, it is strictly to ourselves! We don’t, for even a moment, think about the independence about anyone else in the world but ourselves. And even I have matured over these years and have started understanding as well as accepting life and its various aspects from different people’s perspective, I haven’t done anything beyond that. I haven’t tried to touch another life and make it independent who is not even aware he/she badly need it. And my heart aches at the very feeling that I am so full of myself. We are so full of ourselves!
We seldom think in this way until and unless an article or a movie shows up which enforces such a feeling, that too for their own interests – more and more subscriptions, likes, publicity and box office records. Even if we are quite independent as far as our though process is concerned, this very feeling of making one life independent doesn’t occur to us.
This Independence day reach out to those who needs our love and concern so that they can become independent. It can be in any form – help in getting an unprivileged child educated by teaching him or providing your left over exercise books or cutting down on your pizzas to buy him text books; help in getting somebody a job if you can refer him to your contacts; endorse a newly self-made entrepreneur who is struggling hard to make it to a living. It can be in any form that you feel right. You define for yourself.
I have already chosen my way of bringing the joy of independence in someone’s life. Feel free to choose yours.